Bike The Beav Unrace Oct 13th

Come explore new trails by testing your legs and your luck in an UnRace.
Beyond good times, community, and a celebration of the 5 miles of great singletrack we’ve built together, this event is here to raise funds to improve maintenance and care of our local trail networks.
The Trails Cache and Cache Trails Alliance 501c3 have organized this event to raise funds that will directly fund Utah Conservation Corps Crews maintaining and improving trails we know and love in the 2019 season.  Purchase your ticket today for a chance to help us prioritize which trail care projects get dedicated work crews next year.

CTA Meeting Notes: 08-21-18


1) USFS update on trail projects
spring - in process but falling rocks are hazards to campers
bunchgrass - 2 more saturdays in August and Sept 22 which is national public land day
jardine - next year

2) Trail adoptions
we need to do a better job of reporting, training, and accountability

3) Congrats to Dave Wallace for a great job on the burdock on the river trail

4) Birch update
USFS pulling bridges
USFS unsure about direction now

5) Bjorr update
Dayton wants to do an event on 10/13/18.  Needs website help.  Call for help on Wed night.

6) Next meeting moved to Wednesday's to accomodate Zack.

7) Goals for 2019
Refine adoption program
-Erik Strstad willing to provide support and trail condition input
-Need adopters to be trained and accountable
-Need better reporting
-milestones for events
One major project - Jardine
Work on Providence Canyon fire rings and campsites; get Providence City involved; get enforcement involved.

8) Other
BST elevated is going to move forward
More trail development at Beaver.  Beav might buy a mini-x

CTA Meeting Notes: 04-24-18

Prov. Canyon:  Mtg on May 1st, discussion on missing signs, dangerous shooting conflicts, historical closure of Green Canyon.
Trail Adoption:  Don’t post personal adoptee info online.  USFS: not official until Jennifer P. signs off on paperwork.  3 workdays required/year.  Request from Zach for trail adopters to report monthly to Zach/Lisa.  
Clinics:  Saturday, May 5th 9am Green Canyon, May 19th 9am 2nd dam upper lot,
Bjorr Planning: 4/30 10:30 am.  CTA committing to bi-monthly trail days
Birch:  Trail closed.  Within month, signs go up; bridges come out.  2 signs created; 24x36 main sign that explains the story.  
USFS/CTA Agreement needed.
Dayton: Research grant opportunities…(CTA needs grant writer).  Zach: Betsy/RTCA has master list? (Example: simple trail bridges cost $2,000)

CTA Meeting Notes: 02-20-18

New member Jeff Browning: Conservation Alliance (grants), Patagonia, Central Oregon Trail Alliance, etc. Wants to develop official trail on the Pyramids. 
New member John Randall: Previous board member of AZ trail association, lots of volunteer work & experience. 
Trail Adoptions/Ian:  Trail kickoff party tentatively scheduled for 3/21/18. Trail ride to signup party area. More communication needed amongst adopter group. Run potential work past Forest Service; then report work accomplished. Need adopter website page; Zach will provide FS list. Need to invite trail runners to meeting and trail adoptions. Need calendar on website.  Need to list on LDS service website. 
Zach:  Spring Hollow Reroute: 1st 2 weeks of June; Bunchgrass July
Richins:  $20 annual membership: Needs to be value add: local discounts/T-shirt’s, etc. 501c3 tax deductibility. 
Tools:  Need trailer and tool steward. Corporate donor facilitation perhaps?  
Also need to release budget/financials at some point

To Do Items:

Ian to do:
  • Calendar event for 3/21 
  • North Logan City request
  • Times
  • Contract previous adopters
Zach to do:
  • Get list of trails to CTA
  • Calendar USFS work days on specific trails
  • Spring Hollow
  • Jardine upper reroute
  • Bunch
Erik to do:
  • Introduce Ron Stagg to Ian for trail adoption (Bear 100)
  • Introduce Scott Anderson to CTA (scouts)
Jeff to do:
  • See if Amanda Basham wants to participate
  • Mike McKnight - Ultra footwear
Paul G to do:
  • Just serve
  • Look into renting a chipper from Logan City for a chipper day on the River Trail
Brent to do:
  • Website stuff / donate button
  • Tie google calendar to website
Paul R to do:
  • refine the membership thinking and execute
Paul/Paul/Brent to do (longer term)
  • corporate sponsorships
  • get 2019 projects on the docket for April meeting (Green)
  • get 2020 mill hollow on the docket

CTA-Sponsored BJORR Trailbuilding

Come join CTA every 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 5-8pm to help build the new BJORR Trail at Beaver Mountain!

Please wear close toed shoes, bring your own gloves and water bottles, and any snacks you might enjoy between moments of playing in the alpine dirt.
Please meet on the far east side of the lower Beaver Mountain parking lot, and contact Cache Trails Planner Dayton Crites (415-734-7243) or CTA Liaison Brent Thomas (435-757-1001) if you have any questions.