CTA Meeting Notes: 04-24-18

Prov. Canyon:  Mtg on May 1st, discussion on missing signs, dangerous shooting conflicts, historical closure of Green Canyon.
Trail Adoption:  Don’t post personal adoptee info online.  USFS: not official until Jennifer P. signs off on paperwork.  3 workdays required/year.  Request from Zach for trail adopters to report monthly to Zach/Lisa.  
Clinics:  Saturday, May 5th 9am Green Canyon, May 19th 9am 2nd dam upper lot,
Bjorr Planning: 4/30 10:30 am.  CTA committing to bi-monthly trail days
Birch:  Trail closed.  Within month, signs go up; bridges come out.  2 signs created; 24x36 main sign that explains the story.  
USFS/CTA Agreement needed.
Dayton: Research grant opportunities…(CTA needs grant writer).  Zach: Betsy/RTCA has master list? (Example: simple trail bridges cost $2,000)