February 2018

CTA Meeting Notes: 02-20-18

New member Jeff Browning: Conservation Alliance (grants), Patagonia, Central Oregon Trail Alliance, etc. Wants to develop official trail on the Pyramids. 
New member John Randall: Previous board member of AZ trail association, lots of volunteer work & experience. 
Trail Adoptions/Ian:  Trail kickoff party tentatively scheduled for 3/21/18. Trail ride to signup party area. More communication needed amongst adopter group. Run potential work past Forest Service; then report work accomplished. Need adopter website page; Zach will provide FS list. Need to invite trail runners to meeting and trail adoptions. Need calendar on website.  Need to list on LDS service website. 
Zach:  Spring Hollow Reroute: 1st 2 weeks of June; Bunchgrass July
Richins:  $20 annual membership: Needs to be value add: local discounts/T-shirt’s, etc. 501c3 tax deductibility. 
Tools:  Need trailer and tool steward. Corporate donor facilitation perhaps?  
Also need to release budget/financials at some point

To Do Items:

Ian to do:
  • Calendar event for 3/21 
  • North Logan City request
  • Times
  • Contract previous adopters
Zach to do:
  • Get list of trails to CTA
  • Calendar USFS work days on specific trails
  • Spring Hollow
  • Jardine upper reroute
  • Bunch
Erik to do:
  • Introduce Ron Stagg to Ian for trail adoption (Bear 100)
  • Introduce Scott Anderson to CTA (scouts)
Jeff to do:
  • See if Amanda Basham wants to participate
  • Mike McKnight - Ultra footwear
Paul G to do:
  • Just serve
  • Look into renting a chipper from Logan City for a chipper day on the River Trail
Brent to do:
  • Website stuff / donate button
  • Tie google calendar to website
Paul R to do:
  • refine the membership thinking and execute
Paul/Paul/Brent to do (longer term)
  • corporate sponsorships
  • get 2019 projects on the docket for April meeting (Green)
  • get 2020 mill hollow on the docket