May 2017

CTA Meeting Notes: 05-17-17

Adopt A Trail
-Need to coordinate with USFS first (Zach Maughan) to build communication & trust
-Track the hours
-Before & After pics are huge (put something in for scale)
-Expand work party by communicating with Dayton as well (he will send out email blast)

Signage (Paul R)
-Need to develop a sign plan—both sign design and location
-USFS is applying for a signage grant (takes 2 years)
-Dayton has signs already for CC
-USFS already has sign plan for AAT

DR Trimmer Notes
-DR trimmer is approved
-Need to post trail days and/or wear ‘volunteer vests’ to avoid trail conflict

Calendar Items
-Training dates (Zach): Location: Spring Hollow, Group Site 2
-Jun 3rd 9am-2pm. Natl Trails Day. Basic corridor mgmt.
-Jun 13th 5:30-8pm. Drainage (water mgmt), Grade reversal
-July 11th 5:30-8pm. Tread triage, Bench cut, Backsloping, etc.
-Aug 8th 5:30-8pm. Switchbacks: Rock work, Armoring
-Sep 12th 5:30-8pm.
-CTA Trail Days (monthly?) at Bjorr Trail
-National Public Lands Day: September 30

Bridger Bike Park (Dayton)
-CTA fundraising committee proposed: Dayton, Sandra, Tim
-RFP completed

-Feel The Pain On Old Main 5k
-Al’s Midnight Madness CTA booth
-Need to look at CTA sponsors for events (ex. Weber Trailfest sponsored by Bank of UT)

Website/Branding (Brent & Sandra)
-Add a calendar
-Upcoming agendas
-More pics needed (esp. horses/hikers)
-Trail Damage Reporting
-Link to FB page
-Logo designs presented by Sandra—input requested…more to follow

Grants (Camille)
-IMBA chapter benefits/costs
-Need to identify which grants that we want to pursue
-Need to generate timetable for comprehensive sign plan within 3-5 months
-Assign CTA Grant Subcommittee?

Awareness (Aaron
-FB page will be a great tool (notices, pics & videos, events, etc.)
-Get involved and provide feedback

Next Meeting
-Wednesday June 21st 6pm

CTA Meeting Agenda: 05-16-17

--Adopt-a-Trail Follow-up; See attached USFS memo from Lisa about June 3.
--Everyone contacted?
--Questions/comments from Adopters.
--Signage needed - Paul R
--Dr Trimmer okay to trim grass?
--Chainsaw training - Tim
--Other Zach stuff

--Sheriff's Office response to shooting in Prov.

--Key events and opportunities for the season (USFS trail work days, Beaver mountain trail work days, National public lands day, etc.) - Zach / Camille
--Proposed training dates from Zach:
June 3rd- 9am-2pm
June 13th- 5:30—8pm
July 11th 5:30-8pm
August 8th 5:30-8pm
September 12th 5:30-8pm

Bridger Bike Park - Dayton
--Official MTB / CX race
--Official Trail Race (Michael Rowell) Suggested Dates, Locations
--Al's Midnight Madness sales
--Ride + Movie night

--Grant opportunities for the next year - Camille (see attachment)
--IMBA membership - Camille
--Growing our participation - Aaron
--Branding, Logo, and Website review - Sandra / Brent
--Next Meeting (Wed. Jun 21)