CTA Meeting Notes: 08-21-18


1) USFS update on trail projects
spring - in process but falling rocks are hazards to campers
bunchgrass - 2 more saturdays in August and Sept 22 which is national public land day
jardine - next year

2) Trail adoptions
we need to do a better job of reporting, training, and accountability

3) Congrats to Dave Wallace for a great job on the burdock on the river trail

4) Birch update
USFS pulling bridges
USFS unsure about direction now

5) Bjorr update
Dayton wants to do an event on 10/13/18.  Needs website help.  Call for help on Wed night.

6) Next meeting moved to Wednesday's to accomodate Zack.

7) Goals for 2019
Refine adoption program
-Erik Strstad willing to provide support and trail condition input
-Need adopters to be trained and accountable
-Need better reporting
-milestones for events
One major project - Jardine
Work on Providence Canyon fire rings and campsites; get Providence City involved; get enforcement involved.

8) Other
BST elevated is going to move forward
More trail development at Beaver.  Beav might buy a mini-x