We love our local trails...so much that we are willing to take ownership.

2018 Adopted Trails

Beirdneau (W)
Big Baldy
Blind Hollow
Bridger Look-off
Card Canyon East
Card Canyon West
Cherry Creek
Cold Water (East Side)
Elk Valley Divide
Ephraim's Cut-Off
Green Canyon
Leatham Hollow
Limber Pine Nature Trail
Little Cottonwood
Logan Dry Canyon
Logan Dry/Mill Hollow
Maughan Hollow
Naomi Peak - Green to Tony
North Fork High Creek
Old Juniper
Peterson Hollow
Providence Canyon
Richard's Hollow GWT
Ricks Canyon GWT
Riverside Nature Trail
Sink Hollow GWT
Smithfield Canyon
Smithfield Dry Canyon
Spawn Creek
Spring Hollow
Steam Mill
Steel Hollow
Stump Hollow GWT
Temple Fork Sawmill
Tony Grove Nature Trail
Welches Flat
Wellsville Ridge
White Pine Lake
Willow Creek GWT
Wind Cave
Wind Cave Way

Trails In Need Of Adoption

Adams Corral
Bear Hollow
Boar Hole
Bonneville Shoreline
Brushy Springs (Wellsvilles)
Cart Hollow
City Creek
Cold Water (West Side)
Corral Hollow
Double Top
Dugway Spring
Hodges Canyon
Hog Hole
Little Bear
Naomi Peak - Tony to High Creek
Naomi Peak
North Syncline
Pig Hole
Rex Res/Little Bear
Right Hand Fork Logan River
River Trail
Seep Hollow
Shorty's Cut-Off
Sow Hole
South Syncline
Spring to Dry Connector
Steep Hollow
Swan Peak
Turkey Trail GWT
White Pine - Bunchgrass Canyon
White Pine Creek
White Rock
Worm Fence GWT